About the Movement

Save Childhood Movement: People across the globe, uniting to protect young children and their future

The movement was launched in 2013 and consists of a growing collaboration of scm-leaflet-1individuals and organisations that share a deep concern about societal values and wellbeing and the current erosion of natural childhood. It has a particular interest in how modern culture is impacting family life and how this shapes the values and mindsets of children, especially in the early years (pre-birth to 8).

Until 2016 the movement has been a totally voluntary and minimally-funded organisation, with everyone involved giving their time for free. We are now developing our membership and seeking other sources of sustainable income that will enable us to secure our core team and pay some of the people that we need to help us develop our ongoing activities . We hope, however, to find ways of maintaining the amazing level of support and goodwill that we have received from our volunteers – many of whom have given up considerable amounts of their time to develop different aspects of our work.  We also want to be able to continue to invite everyone to help us in the call for more meaningful and values-led societies that have the best interests of children at their heart.

Come and join us!

The Save Childhood Movement is a Not-for-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee