Badger or Bulbasaur – have children lost touch with nature?

06 Oct 2017
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Evidence has been mounting for a number of years now of a disconnect between children and nature, to the extent that even the names of relatively common species are disappearing from children’s vocabulary. Not only that, but the ability to identify species – and therefore to care about them – is diminishing fast in both children and adults.

For the past decade, Robert Macfarlane has been “fascinated by the relationships between naming, knowing and nature” and in particular what bearing this has on modern childhood. With research showing that children between the ages of 4 and 11 are substantially better at identifying Pokemon characters than real species, he hopes his new book, The Lost Words: A Spell Book – illustrated by Jackie Morris – “might go some small way towards conjuring back the words, names and species that were being lost”. 

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