Children and Reading

2 Apr 2018

The thing about books… Let’s TALK about books

  Books have been, are, and always will be a

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19 Mar 2018

Only half of pre-school children being read to daily, UK study finds

  It's very sad to read that the number of

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2 Jan 2018

Don’t read too much into the Pirls literacy test results

  According to Pirls (progress in international reading literacy study),

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4 Dec 2017

‘The constant testing in our education system puts children off reading for pleasure

  In an impassioned article, Robert Smith, creator of the

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10 Nov 2017

How to use picture books to get your class talking about emotions

  Across the centuries, storytelling has always been a brilliant

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4 Sep 2017

The BFG, Skellig, Aubrey… children’s books boom

  Over the past few years we've been led to

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1 Sep 2017

Only children’s books with humans have moral impact, study finds

  According to new research from the University of Toronto’s

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11 Jul 2017

Picture overload hinders children learning new words in storybooks, study finds

  A study by University of Sussex psychologists suggests that

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11 Jul 2017

10 things you need to know when your child is diagnosed with dyslexia

  A diagnosis of dyslexia can explain a lot to

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