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17 May 2018

AI will soon beat pupils taught knowledge-based curriculum

  More and more concern is being expressed about the

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13 Feb 2018

Is social media causing childhood depression?

  A number of recent studies are linking mental health

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4 Jan 2018

Schools ‘should help children with social media risk’

  Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has called for schools to

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17 Nov 2017

Too much information? More than 80% of children have an online presence by the age of two

  So called 'sharenting' has been in the news quite

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7 Nov 2017

Tablet totalitarianism: how an obsession with ‘screen time’ misses the point

  The amount of time children spend in front of

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7 Nov 2017

Digital abandonment in modern families

  Australian parenting author, Maggie Dent, talks about the rise

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12 Oct 2017

Cartoons lure kids to online gambling

  According to a Sunday Times investigation, a number of

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11 Oct 2017

How to keep your children safe online: the ultimate guide for the non-techy parent

  Online security is a major issue for all of

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11 Oct 2017

Mattel has cancelled plans for a kid-focused AI device that drew privacy concerns

  Toy manufacturer, Mattel, has withdrawn from the market its

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18 Aug 2017

Why the very idea of ‘screen time’ is muddled and misguided

  There's a great deal of talk about the amount

Author: Natalia Kucirkova, Senior Research Assoc, UCL and Sonia Livingstone, Prof of Social Psychology, LSE Read More