Early Learning

11 May 2018

The state of early childhood

  In her passionate blog, Rae Pica, talks about the

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10 May 2018

Motor skills are vital to children’s development

  Sally Goddard Blythe is director of the Institute for

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17 Apr 2018

Parent distraction can hinder babies’ language skills

  Mobile phones have rather taken over our lives, however

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23 Oct 2017

Why young children make such dynamic learners, and how we can sustain their progress

  Our children are amazing. Look at what they have

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13 Oct 2017

Hard evidence: at what age are children ready for school?

  The debate around the age at which children are

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19 Sep 2017

Mouldy cheese and minibeasts: tips for teaching science in primary schools

  According to new research from the Wellcome Trust, science

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13 Sep 2017

Children are less ready for school than five years ago, say school leaders

  A new survey of school leaders, published by NAHT

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20 May 2017

Formal learning starts too young, say early years teachers

  A survey of more than 4000 teachers taking part

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6 Apr 2017

Can pre-school children learn to do science?

  Just what is science, and just when can children

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5 Mar 2017

Effective teaching in the great outdoors

  The forest school movement is growing in the UK,

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