Spirit of the Child

23 May 2018

Forget the tests – it’s days on the beach that give our kids the best chance

  Arguments rage about the validity of testing at the

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12 Apr 2018

Kids must be willing to fail if they want to succeed

  As parents, we can be guilty of obsessing over

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20 Mar 2018

Life is fraught with danger. School playgrounds should be too

  It's certainly true: we all face danger on a

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15 Mar 2018

‘Rather than teaching our children to pass assessments, we should be helping them to be wise’

  Our education system has become obsessed with measuring and

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21 Nov 2017

Young people out of love with their own bodies, says report

  The British Council's Youth Select Committee has launched a

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7 Nov 2017

It’s official: muddy kids learn best

  Outdoor learning appears to be breaking into mainstream education

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16 Oct 2017

‘We need to teach children that there’s nothing you can’t do if you believe in yourself’

  'Primary Futures' is a programme aimed at showing primary

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13 Oct 2017

The decline of play and rise in children’s mental disorders

  Rates of depression and anxiety among young people -

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20 Sep 2017

‘I have a volcano inside of me’: film helps children talk about mental health

  This animated film, which has been developed by teachers

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7 Aug 2017

Children denied chance to develop ‘resilience’ by too-strict health and safety rules

  The Chief Inspector of Schools, Amanda Spielman, has said

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