‘A child is a child wherever they may be’: why we must act to protect children on the move

18 May 2017


Posted By: SG   |   Source: Huffington Post   |   URL: http://bit.ly/2quf25s


The number of children worldwide who are refugees or migrants has reached a record high and is still rising rapidly, and those who are unaccompanied and therefore vulnerable to many different dangers topped 300,000 across 80 countries last year.

“A child is still a child wherever they may be, but while on the move, first and foremost they need protection. The Convention on the Rights of the Child protects every child, everywhere. All children regardless of legal status, nationality and statelessness have the right to be protected from harm, obtain essential services like health and education and to be with their families. Yet in practice, this is not happening.”

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Institution: Author: Lily Caprani, UNICEF UK