Emotional health in childhood ‘is the key to future happiness’

21 Nov 2017
Posted By: SG   |   Source: The Guardian   |   URL: http://bit.ly/2uu3yCN


Leading ‘happiness’ expert, Professor Richard Layard, and a team from the Wellbeing research programme at the LSE, claim that their study, ‘What Predicts a Successful Life? A Life-course Model of Well-being’, provides a brand new perspective on the factors that influence a happy life. The study looked at the lives of 9000 people born within a 3-week period in 1970, and asked those people to complete a comprehensive questionnaire every 5-7 years.

Among the study’s more controversial findings, it concludes ‘that a child’s emotional health is far more important to their satisfaction levels as an adult than other factors, such as if they achieve academic success when young, or wealth when older’.

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Institution: Author: Jamie Doward