Forget the tests – it’s days on the beach that give our kids the best chance

23 May 2018

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Arguments rage about the validity of testing at the age of 4/5; about whether or not children should even be in school at the age of 4/5; about how much free play time young children need, particularly outdoors; about the cause of mental health problems that are increasingly prevalent among the young. There’s little doubt, however, that happy, healthy early years – defined as 0-8 – are of vital importance in the development of happy, healthy adults, and that deprived of play and contact with the natural world, children suffer.

As columnist, Pat Lane, says of how the sea restores and detoxes her: “for that I give gratitude to my family play experiences, as father and child. Left relatively alone to explore the beach (or the forest, let alone the city streets) the child feels that the world is theirs, that they belong in it – and that there is enough of it to be shared by everyone, freely and generously.”

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