Limit children to two sugary snacks a day, parents told

13 Jan 2018

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According to Public Health England (PHE), children in England are eating 3 times the recommended amount of sugar per day, with a third of children eating 4 or more unhealthy snacks daily. PHE is urging parents to reduce children’s snacks to no more than 2 per day, and for those snacks to contain fewer than 100 calories each. Under the slogan of Change4Life, the PHE will be encouraging parents to sign up online and receive discounts on snacks that are healthier.

“A third of children are leaving primary school obese or overweight. Recent figures from the National Child Measurement Programme in schools show the number of obese children in reception year has risen for the second consecutive year (to 9.6%) and has shown no improvement in year 6 (20%).”

Institution: Author: Sarah Boseley