Outdoor learning grows in Scotland as grasp of benefits takes root

13 Apr 2018

unsplash.com/Gabby Orcutt

Posted By: SG   |   Source: The Guardian   |   URL: https://bit.ly/2uIzpAb


More and more educators and policymakers are lauding the benefits to children of learning outdoors, and not only is recognition of those benefits growing, but research is identifying still more benefits. In the wake of a study that ranked it last out for physical activity out of 38 nations, Scotland is now grabbing the baton in trying to improve its children’s health and wellbeing.

“In the classroom the kids ask permission to do this or that,” said early years officer, Amanda Patrick, “but outside they are much more creative and don’t need an adult to lead them. This is what early-years education should be, child-centred and child-led.”

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