Pre-school brain training: Brits need to look at other countries

21 Nov 2017
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Despite the fact that most educators believe baseline testing of children to be inappropriate, if not downright damaging, successive governments keep returning to it as the way forward. Here, Linda Goetz argues that Britain’s overriding emphasis on attainment in education almost certainly contributes to the levels of stress displayed by our children, and runs counter to the experiences of other countries where school starts later and the benefits of informal play are lauded.

“In spite of a number of reports over the last few decades highlighting the benefits of pre-school being dedicated to aural learning and play, the increasing tendency in this country has been to subject nursery age children to the rigours of learning their letters and numbers and how to read and write; literacy and numeracy in other words. This has the effect of prolonging a process which in many other countries does not start until much later and which thus lasts for a much shorter duration.”

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