New Membership Platform and E-Zine

We have been developing a new website incorporating a membership platform and online E-zine to help bring our work to a global audience.



New Global Guidance Body on the Science and Art of Human Learning and Development

We are working with others on developing the concept for a new multi-disciplinary collaboration designed to bring an understanding of natural human development to bear on global public decision and policy-making.

Video Animation Series

We are seeking funding to create a series of video animations about the things we care about. This was the one that we made for National Children’s Day UK 2016


We only campaign when we believe that 1) children’s fundamental human rights and freedoms as young citizens are being ignored and 2) young children’s natural developmental processes and learning dispositions are being compromised.

Too Much Too Soon Campaign

Our ongoing campaign, tackling developmentally inappropriate policymaking, that has achieved significant national press coverage and expert support.


Better without Baseline Campaign

Highly successful collaboration, focused on one aspect of the Too Much Too Soon Campaign, that blocked the 2016 introduction of Baseline Assessment.


Choose Simple Campaign

Introduced in Oct 2016 to combat the over- commercialisation of Christmas