‘Schools are killing creativity’

17 May 2018
Posted By: SG   |   Source: inews   |   URL: https://bit.ly/2r2J67q


Education expert, Sir Ken Robinson, is globally renowned for his Ted talks on the role of education in children’s lives. In fact, his first talk, ‘Do schools kill creativity?’, has been watched more than any other Ted video in history. The talk calls for the education system to deliver “creative and cultural development”, not just academic achievement. But despite delivering a 243-page government-commissioned report on the subject in the late 1990s, believes we are no further forward and have possibly stepped backwards.

In his latest book – You, Your Child and School – is aimed at parents. “If I can encourage parents and teachers to feel more confident about doing things which are manifestly in the better interests of their kids, then I shall do that.” He’s tired, it seems, of talking to governments.

Institution: Author: Etan Smallman