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These are some of the things that we want to do as soon as we have the funds!

A series of animated films
To help convey the issues and solutions to a global audience of parents, carers and teachers.

A series of two-day ‘Playing with Big Ideas’ online seminars
That would make the thoughts and ideas, along with their videos, papers and books, of the top experts and thinkers accessible to a global audience

A new ‘Investors for Childhood’ Funding Platform
Bringing together philanthropists and members of the creative and sporting worlds to support the funding of transformational new initiatives.

The new ‘Flourish Institute on the Art and Science of Human Learning and Development’
A multi-disciplinary collaboration designed to bring an understanding of biological, neuro-physiological, psychological and spiritual development to bear on global public decision and policy-making. Drawing on the best international thinking and research, and employing a rigorous and evidence-based approach, it would seek to identify how best to support young children’s learning and development in a manner that enables every child to flourish and to fulfil his or her full potential and become their BVS ( Best Version of Self).