‘Tests for four-year-olds as soon as they start school are harmful’

20 Sep 2017


Posted By: SG   |   Source: TES   |   URL: http://bit.ly/2xdRypx


Despite the fact that baseline assessment has been vigorously opposed by many teachers and parents, the Government is intent upon its introduction. Former teacher and inspector, Colin Richards, argues that there is no possible way to develop a fair test for children of that age. “If tests for very young children can be devised, and it’s a very big ‘if’, they will take years to develop – yet the proposed testing is to be piloted in 2019-20 and introduced from Autumn 2020.”

Among other things, Colin Richards points out that at 4 children present with a wide range of different achievements, they’re volatile, they change from day to day, they learn in different ways and at different rates, and they will pick up on any anxiety about the tests projected by their teachers and parents, which will affect their performance.

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