How to use picture books to get your class talking about emotions

10 Nov 2017
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Across the centuries, storytelling has always been a brilliant way to bring about discussion and understanding of deep and difficult emotional issues. Today is no different, and it is particularly important within primary education. There are many great picture books on the market that cover themes as wide-ranging as loneliness, anxiety, the loss of a parent, not fitting in, bullying, and so on, and these provide teachers – and parents/carers – with an ideal opportunity to open up a dialogue with children.

Former Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne, is a master of the art of storytelling through words and pictures, and in their article Leeds University lecturers, Helen Hanna and Stefan Kucharczyk talk about how to use his picture books to discuss sensitive issues.

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Institution: Author: Helen Hanna and Stefan Kucharczyk