Vision and Values

People across the globe, uniting to protect young children and their future


Vision and Values


In the last two decades there have been great advances in our understanding of human learning and development, together with increasing global interest in societal wellbeing. It has become clear that there is an urgent need for new models of understanding that can better support lifelong learning and human flourishing.

The movement promotes global well-being, understood as a state of balanced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It recognises positive relationship as fundamental to this process and that sustainable wellbeing relies on the healthy integration of child, family, community and society.

It also promotes the concept of the child as a citizen with unique developmental rights that need to be protected. The movement’s guiding principles are informed by UNICEF, the World health Organisation and the European Union. 

UNICEF: Children as ‘human beings with a distinct set of rights, instead of passive objects of care and charity’.  

WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION: It’s necessary to promote the acquisition and the reinforcement of cognitive, emotional and relational abilities, which allow people to operate with competence both on an individual and a social level (1993).

EUROPEAN UNION: The European Union has among its objectives the promotion of the well-being of its citizens, and has the aim of adapting education and training to the needs of it citizens in all phases of their lives (Lisbon 2000,) of improving their knowledge, abilities and skills on a personal, social and occupational level. (2001).