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Until now the movement has received little external funding and has been reliant on the skills and generosity of its volunteers. It has been the recipient of two £10,000 national lottery grants for National Children’s Day UK and is now starting to explore commercial sponsorship. Over the three years that we been in existence, and applying only the living wage, we have calculated that the voluntary time donated so far exceeds £100,000. If all the experts around the project were paid their normal wage this would rise to £300,000. So we believe that people really care about the issues that we are exploring.

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Although we need funds to cover our core costs while we develop our sustainable income sources, we are also very open to other forms of help such as corporate sponsorship, joint promotions and networking, professional expertise and advice, volunteer teams for events and ‘gifts in kind’.

Why we need your help

Everyone involved with the movement has been giving their time for free. We are growing fast, however, and we now need to stabilise our core team and ensure that we have the financial stability necessary to maintain our activities.